Slack for iOS Upload (4)We partner with world-leading technology vendors to enable us to deliver the best outcomes for our customers. That’s why fellow Strut members Federico Schroder and Matt Wolstencroft presented at the AEM Adobe Technical Event today.

The key focus of the event was to bridge the gap between end users, developers & technical teams, providing them with an opportunity to network, discuss best practices, learn tips & tricks, find out more on lessons learned, learn new things, and have some fun.

Strut Digital staff Federico and Matt discussed “Automating the deployment of AEM infrastructure to enable rapid build in the cloud”. Within the presentation the various topics were examined, such as: AEM Challenges, Deployment Phases, Standard AEM Highly Available Solution, Environment Complexity, Pipeline deployment etc.

After the presentation the floor was open to raise questions. Slack for iOS UploadThe majority of questions were concerned with HA as the client requirement to meet strict financial services governance. Answers highlighted the partnership of Adobe and Amazon Web Services as the solutions to delivering a satisfactory level of security and High Availability.

The presentation demonstrated how Adobe Experience Manager could be effectively integrated on the on the Amazon Web Services platform.

If you are interested in having a copy of the presentation please contact Zuzanna @

Thanks to Adobe for organizing the event.