On the 18th of January, Disruptors in Tech kicked off 2017 with another exciting IoT meetup! Around 100 people from the IT community gathered at The University of Sydney’s Business School, to expand their knowledge on how IoT combined with Social Media will change the way we analyse data, and the large impact AWS LightSail will have on service providers, IT Teams and consumers.


General Manager of Hitachi Solutions Australia and Postgraduate
Fellow at the University of Sydney, David Goad, was first up with his insights on Social IoT and the next evolution of IoT. Social IoT (SIoT) assists people when developing their social networks. Through the rapid growth of people using IoT devices, social networking is becoming easier for everyone, as more and more people continue to connect via the internet. SIoT develops people’s networks through comparing the number of steps taken to meet a friend, through a Fitbit device for example. David emphasised the changes to people’s interactions with one another through SIoT, as it is believed to be the next evolutionary step for IoT.

Please find video about The Next Evolution of IoT: Short Version  and Long Version

Next up was Uri Gal, Associate Professor of information systems at the University of Sydney. Uri critically discussed People Analytics and the next wave in people management technology. Within Uri’s talk, he covered workforce analytics and how they provide employers with a comprehensive and detailed view of both, their organisations and employees. He also discussed how decision-making processes are restored to be more rational and organisations are to be more efficient, all through the promising reliability of algorithmic computations. Uri went even further as he shared his analysis of workforce analytics and their ability to monitor employee’s activities. Uri’s fascinating presentation was captivating the deeper he went into the subject, for he identified the impact of SIoT and the way analyzing and gathering data will evolve.

Please find presentation deck about People AnalyticsPeople Analytics_deck

To end the night David Cheal, Executive Director at Strut Digital and Gilles Baillet, IT Infrastructure Specialist at AMP, discussed AWS’ latest product ‘AWS LightSail’. It comes to no surprise, that AWS have managed to produce another interesting product, as they continuously expand with their offering of services and product releases. AWS LightSail was announced at the 2016 AWS re:invent conference, held in Las Vegas. In David and Gilles’ discussion, they identify the impact AWS LightSail has on the VPS industry and how it provides a gateway for consumers to enter the AWS ecosystems. They also indicated the range of implications for service providers, IT Teams and consumers alike.

Please find and video about AWS Light Sail:  Short Version and Long Version and Lightsail presentation deck

The night was full of information and interesting views on SIoT and A
WS LightSail. To accompany the excitement of new AWS products and the new evolutionary step to IoT, was nothing other than a cold beer to challenge the great Australian heat and great pizzas. Disruptors in Tech successfully pulled off another excellent meetup.

A massive thanks to The University of Sydney Business School for letting us use their venue and Opus Recruitment for providing the food and drinks!

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