IoT-Meetup3Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way businesses all over the world operate, grow and satisfy their customers.  Machines, devices and objects are all connected to the internet through the IoT, creating ‘intelligent’ assets that communicate with the world around them. A range of exciting possibilities are open for businesses now because the effort and costs involved in implementing IoT has reduced considerably.

On Tuesday the 22nd of November, over 80 people joined Vodafone and Strut Digital at the Vodafone Playground in North Sydney to discuss IoT and device integration with Cloud IoT services. Talks covered the Vodafone secure network, Cloud based IoT capabilities and IoT industry direction.

To kickstart the night, Vodafone representatives Sadin Nurkic and Leticia IoT-Meetup2Jennings outlined Vodafone’s Global IoT Platform including how the platform integrates with customer networks and business processes. The Vodafone IoT platforms provides ease of account management, bulk provisioning, end-to-end lifecycle support, automation, self-service and control over security.

Following Vodafone’s talk, Strut Digital’s CTO, David Cheal and Microsoft’s solutions architect, Andreas Wasita shared their experience and knowledge related to Amazon Web Services and Azure IoT platforms, security issues and cloud connectivity. Together they explored how IoT Cloud services provides on-demand capabilities with no need for costly capitalization, how it is possible to connect millions of devices to centralized services, along with the security of the platform.

IoT-Meetup4To wrap up the evening, General Manager David Goad, from Hitachi Solutions delved into the future of the IoT and cyber security, sharing his knowledge and expertise on the subject. Several areas of cyber security and the IoT were covered such as, security IoT differentiators, security multipliers and models for IoT security strategy prioritization.

The night provided a strong understanding of IoT and device integration with cloud services, along with the security measures that must be considered when entering IoT.
A massive thanks to Vodafone for allowing us to use their spacious venue, Andreas Wasita for representing Azure and to David Goad for his insight into the IoT industry

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