Strut Digital is currently in Las Vegas @ AWS re:Invent 2016; aws-vegasThe team has already attended sessions on  to catch up on DevOps, Docker and CI/CD and the latest changes to the Amazon Web Services Cloud platform.

Here’s some insights they want to share with you:

Zack Levy, CEO

re:Invent 2016 officially opened today with the Partner Summit. In the opening keynote by Terry Wise, AWS Global Channel chief, he made it clear that AWS is going to increase its investment in the partner ecosystem. With 10,000 more partners joining only in the last year, AWS announced more competencies and more programs that will allow AWS Partners to differentiate themselves. Exciting times ahead if you’re an AWS partner!

aws-vegas-2I’m looking forward to the announcements in the
upcoming keynotes by AndyJessy and Werner Vogels regarding new AWS services.

David Cheal, Executive Director

Strut team is having a great time at re:Invent 2016 in Las Vegas. Today we attended the partner keynote and heard about the growth in the AWS ecosystem. With over 100% growth in most areas Amazon Web Services is the most successful cloud platform in the market today.

Tim Bradey, Director – Professional Servicesaws-vegas-3

Over the top would be the best way to describe Vegas and the reinvent conference. Day One was spent in queues, managed to get into a compliance session specifically about aws govcloud for a background for a Strut Digital client. Today was an interesting keynote for partners, a little bit too much marketing. Managed to get into the next security features in AWS and how to secure big data today, back to back security sessions. Much more interesting! Enjoying the event, interesting friendly people, Tech geeks of all levels.


If you’re here @AWSRe:Invent, reach out to us to learn more about how Strut Digital can help you with game-changing cloud solutions. If you can’t be there with us, follow our re:Invent thoughts on twitter (@strutdigital) and LinkedIn as we will be sharing our experience during and after the event.